I believe that to prove many of the Facts and Assumptions what needs to happen is much more public awareness that will then create increased investment demand.  I think the following actions would help increase that public awareness:

  1. We need an additional silver sales of 2 million ounces of investment silver sales per month for a few months.
    1. At current prices this is “only” about $34 million per month.
    2. Silver is tight now, with an additional 2 million ounces of sales per month it would get tighter, the price starts rising, causing more investment buying.
    3. See my post on Physical Silver Supply.
  2. How do we buy an “extra” 2 million ounces of silver per month?
    1. That is 2 million people buying 2 oz. per month or a 200,000 people buying 10 ozs. /month. Buy as much as you can afford and want to invest in silver.
    2. Bookmark this site and check-in at least weekly.
    3. Spread the word! Send your family and friends a link to this site.
    4. If you know anyone who is a reporter let them know that there is a story here.
    5. If you know anyone that works for the CFTC, silver producers, silver users or trades silver- please refer them to this site and ask them to comment based on their knowledge.